“We need a European solution and collaboration is at its base.” Dr. Andreas Liebl, Head of the appliedAI Initiative, participated in a panel discussion about alliances and AI at the DLD Europe Conference in Brussels yesterday.  He also talked about the biggest driver behind our non-profit initiative: enabling others – established companies, startups and individuals – to implement and thrive with AI. Particularly two goals stand out for us since the birth of the initiative. Supporting and growing startup unicorns and moonshots, which were/are still rare to find in Germany/the EU. And on the other hand, helping companies of all sizes to apply AI quickly and successfully. AI transformation is more than finding the right AI algorithms: it’s an internal cultural shift. On stage with Andreas Liebl were Jan Oetjen (1&1 Mail & Media Applications SE), Luukas Ilves (The Lisbon Council), and Sten-Kristian Saluveer (Storytek). Photo credit: DLD Conference