[AI Startup Landscape]

A comprehensive landscape of German AI startups


Our Motivation

Start-ups are the engine of innovation. They reflect the innovative power of a country and will eventually become the next generation of market leaders. While the US, China, Israel, and other countries actively promote and boost their ecosystem in artificial intelligence (AI), German start-ups focussing on AI are hardly known. This lack of recognicion not only prevents the creation of internationally operating companies in this field providing the workplaces of the future, it also harms the innovative power of established companies. Due to our mission to lift Germany to the age of AI, it is one of our tasks to give companies guidance and promising start-ups a visible platform. This benefits both parties.

In the AI domain, a multitude of use cases requires partnering between young, innovative and established companies. There are several reasons why collaboration between start-ups and fully developed companies is the best option, not only for both parties – but for the economy as a whole. Firstly, the technology develops amazingly fast. As a consequence, there is a need to be dedicated to one specific technology to stay state-of the-art. While almost all companies require a broad selection of AI solutions, start-ups focus on one specific niche. They provide the necessary solutions with the latest technology. Secondly, AI systems increase in performance with more data and applications. Therefore, in non-competitive use cases, technology from start-ups which supply many companies tend to perform better than a stand-alone solution for one specific application in one company. Thirdly, AI is a fundamentally challenging task to implement in the eye of an rapidly increasing need to develop new roles, adapt processes, collect data, hire new skills, or work in agile settings. Partnering with start-ups helps companies to get rid of some of these challenges and helps them to focus on value creation.

We will subsequently publish new insights into the German AI start-up landscape to help you get started with this technology and at the same time support our start-ups to get traction.


Research methodology

Together with our partners we identified and evaluated over 600 startups in the German AI space to develop the first comprehensive German AI startup landscape. The presented startups are private companies with their headquarters or significant development activities in Germany and are founded after 2008. We included only companies that have machine learning (ML) in their core or exhibit a significant usage of ML. Our approach can be summarized to four core steps:


  • AI startups were gathered from different public (e.g. Tracxn, Crunchbase) and private sources (e.g. VC network, partners) to develop a comprehensive longlist.
  • The startups were evaluated on their fit to our definition of an AI startup and then clustered according to our clustering logic (see Clustering Logic for more details).
  • We rated the startups as ‘valid’, ‘upcoming’ (both displayed in Enterprise Function and Intelligence, AI Tech Stack and Industries), ‘longlist’ and ‘discarded’ (bottom right in the landscape) based on the information available to us.
  • We sent the list independently to our network of experts (VCs: HTGF, HV Holzbrinck Ventures, Digital+ Partners, UVC Partners, tech partners: Nvidia and our whole partner network) and iteratively incorporated their feedback on startups and labels.

Clustering logic

Companies need a strategic approach on how to get started with artificial intelligence. The clustering logic inherited by Shivon Zilis’ landscape of machine intelligence is developed from the point-of-view of companies asking themselves how to embed AI in their business:

  • Enterprise Functions: Increasing productivity of existing tasks – Support your employees with ready-to-use AI enabled tools supporting their day-to-day work to increase productivity.
  • Enterprise Intelligence: Exploiting new data sources – Tap into new sorts of insights that were to difficult or expensive to be gained by employees by making use of tools that can review the data for you.
  • AI Technology Stack: Building products with ML: Give developers the tools that they need to build machine learning software in order to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Industries: Leveraging AI-first products: Use and cooperate with startups using machine learning to offer industry-related products and services.


Facts and figures

The German AI startup landscape comprises 132 companies with a total of 803m € in funding.


Few geographical hubs dominate the scene with Berlin 51 (38,6%), Munich 31 (23.5%) and Hamburg 9 (6.8%) housing 68,1% of all German AI startups and controlling 88% of the total funding volume in Germany.


The majority of startups (59.1%) operates cross-industry wide (clusters ’Enterprise Function’, ‘Enterprise Intelligence’, und ‘AI Technology Stack’) while healthcare & pharma (7.6%), transport & mobility (6.1%) and retail & commerce (6.1%) dominate the industry-specific landscape in terms of number of startups.


The top10 German AI startups funding-wise control 698.4m € (86.9%) of the total funding volume with Kreditech alone accounting for 429.6m € (53%) and only 51 (38.6%) got funding in general. The number of founded start-ups per year has increased significantly, especially in the last three years (2015-2017).

Landscape explained

Trends in fields

Enterprise Function

In Enterprise Functions 22 startups are listed, which provide different artificial intelligence solutions for company functions. They have a total funding volume of 19m €.

Customer Support

In Customer Support eight startups are listed, which have a total funding volume of 6,6m €. Using technologies like natural language processing, they support the customer service with insights and automate customer interaction with chatbots.

Sales & Marketing

In Sales and Marketing five startups are listed. They use e.g. natural language processing and computer vision to optimize marketing campaigns, generate better user experiences or support content creation.

Finance & Accounting

In Finance and Accounting two startups are listed, which have a total funding volume of 4,3m €. Although they are only two they have a relative funding share of 23% in the enterprise functions cluster. Leveraging natural language processing and deep learning, they automate accounting tasks.

IT & Security

In IT & Security two startups are listed having a total funding of 6.3m € and by that a relative share of 33%. In this category problems like fraud prevention are tackled with AI.


In Legal only one startup is listed. Using natural language processing an exemplary use case could be contract analysis.


In Human Resources four startups with a total funding of 1.9m € are listed. They use, for example, natural language processing for profile matching of professional development solutions.

Enterprise Intelligence

In Enterprise Intelligence 38 startups are listed, which have the goal to exploit new data sources within companies. They have a total funding volume of 120m €.


In Visual the landscape contains 12 startups. They have a total funding of 15.4m € and have a technological focus on image/ object recognition. Exemplary use cases are face identification, video analysis or gesture recognition.


In the Audio category only one startup is listed. Exemplary solutions in this category are focused on speech to text and are mostly based on natural language processing algorithms.


In the Sensor category four startups are listed, which have a total funding volume of 35.7m €. Sensor supplied by those startups enable different types of data generation and by that diverse use cases for e.g. IOT Solutions.

Internal Data

In Internal Data nine startups are listed. They have a total funding volume of 30.4m € and are mostly focused on predictive analytics, process mining and by that supporting business intelligence.


In Market Data four startups are listed, which have a total funding volume of 20.6m €. Using different kinds of algorithms they focus on use cases like market intelligence applications and patent crawlers.


In the Text category the landscape lists eight startups. They have a total funding of 17.5m € and by using e.g. natural language processing, they provide solutions for content and knowledge discovery or data extraction and analysis.

AI Technology Stack

In AI Technology Stack 18 startups are listed, which enable building products with machine learning in their core. They have a total funding volume of 28m €.

Natural Language

In the Natural Language category four startups are listed, which have a total funding of 700k €. As the name suggests, those startups provide natural language processing.


In the Development category eight startups are listed, which have a total funding of 24m €. This startups offer platforms for data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Data Capture

In the Data Capture category four startups are listed, which have a total funding of 2,5m €. Startups in this category are focusing on data annotation and preparation.


In the Libraries category one startups is listed, which has a total funding of 950k €. As the name suggests the provisioning of easy to integrate AI-algorithms is done by the startup in this category.


In the Hardware category one startups is listed. Here the supply of hardware for AI-applications is done by the startup.


In the Industry cluster fifty-four startups are listed, which are building AI-first products and services. They have a total funding volume of 637m €


In the Finance category five startups are listed, which have a total funding volume of 429.6m €. Being a well-funded category, the startups are providing AI-enabled finance solutions.

Health & Pharma

In the Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals category ten startups are listed, which have a total funding volume of 63.7m €. They provide different kinds of solutions for consumers, doctors or hospitals.


In the Manufacturing category five startups are listed, which have a total funding volume of 2.9m €. One of the top trends in this category are solutions in the area of robotics.


In the Agriculture category two startups are listed. Use cases are for example plant monitoring or solutions for ground intelligence.

Retail & Commerce

In the Retail & Commerce category eight startups are listed, which have a total funding volume of 78.8m €. In this category startups are offering different type of consumer services and products.

Transportation & Mobility

In Transport and Mobility eight startups are listed. They have a total funding volume of 29.3m € and provide e.g. mobility platforms or safety applications for automotive.


In the Logistics category two startups are listed, which provide e.g. a trucking platform or object tracking.

Autonomous Systems

In the Autonomous Systems category six startups are listed, which have a total funding volume of 21.4m €. They provide solutions for autonomous systems in automotive, aerospace and robotics.


In Other eight startups are listed, which have a total funding volume of 11m €. This category contains startups, that in their entirety provide a diverse mix of AI-solutions, while on their own did not fit into the other categories.


Details about the Startups & permission to reuse

The following Table lists all information that fuels the interactive landscape. You can search and explore all startups that we have published. Each and startup is a clickable link that points to to the startup or an analysis about it. To make it easy to discuss the results of this landscape you can always refer to the static version. We believe that sharing this information is our obligation. Using our landscape as part of a presentation, talk or your work is allowed and encouraged as long as you always use visual representation and reference us appropriately. Changes to our landscape have to be marked as your own changes. The content of this insight is published under CC-BY 4.0.

Company NameClusterCategory
2txt – natural language generation GmbHEnterprise IntelligenceText
3DvisionLabsEnterprise IntelligenceVisual
5AnalyticsAI Technology StackDevelopment
AcellereAI Technology StackDevelopment
AdaIndustriesHealthcare & Pharma
adbonitasEnterprise FunctionSales & Marketing
AIPARKIndustriesTransport & Mobility
AiServeIndustriesHealthcare & Pharma
alexjacobi / wundervoices / sprechersprecherIndustriesOther
AmbiverseAI Technology StackNatural Language
ArtisenseEnterprise IntelligenceVisual
automotive-aiIndustriesAutonomous Systems
Blackout TechnologiesEnterprise FunctionSales & Marketing
BleencoIndustriesTransport & Mobility
Blue YonderIndustriesRetail & Commerce
Brighter AI TechnologiesEnterprise IntelligenceVisual
BunchEnterprise IntelligenceInternal Data
CandisEnterprise FunctionFinance & Accounting
Caspian RoboticsIndustriesAutonomous Systems
cellmatiqIndustriesHealthcare & Pharma
celonisEnterprise IntelligenceInternal Data
chatShopperIndustriesRetail & Commerce
CobrainerEnterprise IntelligenceInternal Data
codetrailsAI Technology StackDevelopment
CognigyEnterprise FunctionCustomer Support
ComtravoIndustriesTransport & Mobility
creaidAIAI Technology StackDevelopment
creative.aiEnterprise FunctionSales & Marketing
DeepEyesEnterprise IntelligenceVisual
DeepLAI Technology StackNatural Language
deeplyEnterprise IntelligenceVisual
DOJO MadnessIndustriesOther
door2door_the mobility companyIndustriesTransport & Mobility
e-bot7Enterprise FunctionCustomer Support
EnwayIndustriesAutonomous Systems
ESR LabsIndustriesTransport & Mobility
EvanaEnterprise IntelligenceText
ExplosionAI Technology StackNatural Language
EyeQuantEnterprise IntelligenceVisual
FaerIndustriesRetail & Commerce
FinewayIndustriesTransport & Mobility
Franka EmikaIndustriesManufacturing
FraugsterEnterprise FunctionIT & Security
Free MachinesIndustriesRetail & Commerce
GeospinEnterprise IntelligenceMarket
German AutolabsIndustriesTransport & Mobility
GiniEnterprise IntelligenceText
GroundTruth RoboticsIndustriesAutonomous Systems
HeuroLabsAI Technology StackDevelopment
I2x.aiEnterprise FunctionCustomer Support
idnowEnterprise IntelligenceVisual
ImFusionIndustriesHealthcare & Pharma
InnoplexusIndustriesHealthcare & Pharma
InspirientEnterprise IntelligenceInternal Data
IPlyticsEnterprise IntelligenceMarket Data
Job PalEnterprise FunctionHR
KauzEnterprise FunctionCustomer Support
KeeebEnterprise IntelligenceInternal Data
ki-elements, DeltaIndustriesHealthcare & Pharma
KonuxEnterprise IntelligenceSensor
Kopernikus AutomotiveIndustriesAutonomous Systems
laralabIndustriesHealthcare & Pharma
LateralEnterprise IntelligenceText
LevertonEnterprise IntelligenceText
logarithmoEnterprise IntelligenceInternal Data
MagazinoIndustriesAutonomous Systems
MAIoTEnterprise IntelligenceSensor
MapegyEnterprise IntelligenceMarket
MercuryEnterprise FunctionCustomer Support
Micropsi IndustriesIndustriesManufacturing
MindMatchEnterprise FunctionHR
MoBerriesEnterprise FunctionHR
NavVisEnterprise IntelligenceVisual
nyrisIndustriesRetail & Commerce
Octimine GmbHEnterprise IntelligenceMarket Data
omni:usEnterprise IntelligenceInternal Data
parlamindEnterprise FunctionCustomer Support
PEAT GmbH // Plantix AppIndustriesAgriculture
PicalikeEnterprise IntelligenceVisual
PRECIRE Technologies GmbHEnterprise FunctionHR
RasaAI Technology StackLibraries
RealSynthAI Technology StackData Capture
rebotnixAI Technology StackHardware
ReponAI Technology StackData Capture
RetrescoEnterprise IntelligenceText
rfrnzEnterprise FunctionLegal
RiseMLAI Technology StackDevelopment
Risk IdentEnterprise FunctionIT & Security
RiskMethodsEnterprise IntelligenceMarket Data
SapphireaiEnterprise IntelligenceInternal Data
SeereneAI Technology StackDevelopment
SemalytixEnterprise IntelligenceText
SemVoxAI Technology StackNatural Language
SensapeEnterprise FunctionSales & Marketing
SevdeskAI Technology StackDevelopment
simplaexEnterprise FunctionSales & Marketing
Sky Lab InstituteIndustriesAgriculture
SmaccEnterprise FunctionFinance & Accounting
Smart Radiology GmbHIndustriesHealthcare & Pharma
So1IndustriesRetail & Commerce
Social SweetheartsIndustriesOther
Sociovestix LabsIndustriesFinance
SolvemateEnterprise FunctionCustomer Support
SUSI&JamesEnterprise IntelligenceInternal Data
swarmsAI Technology StackData Capture
TerakiEnterprise IntelligenceSensor
TerraloupeEnterprise IntelligenceVisual
The Chainless GmbH / deepvaEnterprise IntelligenceVisual
toposensEnterprise IntelligenceSensor
Twenty Billion NeuronsEnterprise IntelligenceVisual
TwylaEnterprise FunctionCustomer Support
UbermetricsEnterprise IntelligenceMarket Data
Understand.aiAI Technology StackData Capture
Verne-AIEnterprise IntelligenceText
Vision Impulse
VoicedocsEnterprise IntelligenceAudio
voyaIndustriesTransport & Mobility
X24Factory / moebel24.deIndustriesRetail & Commerce
xbirdIndustriesHealthcare & Pharma
Yukka LabIndustriesFinance
ZanaIndustriesHealthcare & Pharma
ZeitgoldIndustriesFinance & Accounting

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