appliedAI assists its partners and network with access to state-of-the-art tools for the application of artificial intelligence via its dedicated AI Laboratory. A few weeks ago, engineers from our friends at the aspiring aviation startup Lilium approached us to quickly tackle an AI challenge they were working on. appliedAI opened its doors and was their dedicated partner for two weeks, provided compute power and straightforward assistance.

Patrick Nathen Co-Founder / VP Product about their (we believe) world changing product and their experience with the appliedAI Initiative:

“Lilium enables you to travel 5 times faster than a car by introducing the world’s first all-electric vertical take-off and landing jet: an air taxi for up to 5 people. You won’t have to own one, you will simply pay per ride and call it with a push of a button. It’s our mission to make air taxis available to everyone and as affordable as riding a car. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, we are working with extremely strong partners together on different deep technology topics.

Part of it is high fidelity data analysis. Recently we identified the flagship GPU server station „DGX-1“ as an extremely useful addition to our HPC team. Various problems were solved on it, yet once you receive data, the request for even more data is steadily growing. Thus, we needed even more support on the computational side in order to ramp up our capabilities and deliver results on time.

Since a year we are working together with NVIDIA, who connected us  to the appliedAI Initiative in order to support us in a phase, where we needed massive extension of our computational capabilities. The great thing was, that appliedAI is a high level player in this field and also shares the mindset we are teaching here at Lilium. From day one we had an amazing exchange between our engineers and the experts from appliedAI, which could hold up to any expectation we had and even beyond. The work with appliedAI was uncomplicated, well-structured and results-driven, which helped us a lot during this stressful time. We are happy for the work we did together with appliedAI and are eagerly looking forward working soon again with such an incredible business partner. We hope they never lose this spirit, thus, a lot of different early startups can be helped in similar way as well.”

Lilium used our reference design of a compute-heavy AI Infrastructure for real-world projects. At the core of this design are the DGX-1V from NVIDIA, directly connected via Cisco’s Nexus line to a PureStorage FlashBlade. This is just one of the components of the Laboratory all Partners have access to.

If you and your team need to build an AI product the initiatives laboratory is the right place to develop and test it – From compute and storage, to sensors, actuators, IoT devices and even Mixed Reality goggles. Reach out to us to get access to a unique set of world class machines and individualized expert support.

Photo credit: Lilium