We are excited to announce Intel as a new partner to our ecosystem!

Intel entered into a collaborative partnership with appliedAI in July 2019 and will be supporting the appliedAI Initiative within the strategic technology sector from now on.

Intel is an American multinational corporation and technology company which is known to be one of the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer. As inventor of products as the x86 series Intel is at the very forefront as developer of microprocessors.
appliedAI and Intel are joining forces due to our shared goal of driving the adoption of AI technology in industry. In the past years, Intel has grown its AI-focus significantly, inventing new and promising technologies that we deem necessary for the large scale adoption of AI. From its Movidius line to its Nervana Neural Network Processor the results have been important cornerstones for the field and will help to enable the next generation of AI applications.

appliedAI is working with companies that lead the way to address the challenges that the application and operationalization of AI technology creates. Intel, therefore, is a natural partner for us. We believe that Intel will allow us and our partners to fasten the application of AI.” Alexander Waldmann, Operative & Technical Director, appliedAI Initiative

Within the first months of the partnership appliedAI and Intel will focus on setting up a proprietary cluster, allowing innovators, such as partners and selected startups, to work with Intel’s newest AI technology in several projects with the support of appliedAI.
Besides we aim to discuss the larger picture of Lifting Germany to the AI age and engage with the partner network to identify opportunities for collaboration.
Furthermore Intel and appliedAI will engage in setting up specific technical events and run hackathons to encourage the community to test and drive AI applications.