Finding AI Use Cases


How to find and prioritize use cases.

„Don’t waste time on AI for AI’s sake. Be motivated by what it will do for you, not by how sci-fi it sounds.“ Cassie Kozyrkov, Chief Decision Scientist at Google


A central challenge for companies applying AI is working on the right use cases. There is a wide range of possibilities what can be done using AI. But many companies struggle to find and prioritize relevant AI use cases – frequently this follows a mostly random process. While AI experts have a good sense of applications of AI they are typically detached from actual business problems while on the other hand there is often a lack of understanding of AI in the departments where potential use cases could be found. This might not only result in overlooking relevant use cases but also in overly optimis- tic expectations of what AI is capable of, or a focus on “common” use cases that employees might have seen in the media, e.g. chatbots. Furthermore, most companies have no clear strategy when it comes to defining and prioritizing use cases, and AI use cases are often prioriti- zed without considering their business value.

This report aims to guide you through a sound and structured process (see below) ranging from identifying possible AI applications, gathering the right information to properly assess them and prioritizing the right ones to build your AI use case portfolio.



How to find and prioritize AI use cases

You find more details in our white paper “Applying AI: Finding and prioritizing AI use cases”.