Building the organization for scaling AI


Building the organization for scaling AI

“A century ago, factories electrified without rethinking their production lines and therefore saw no productivity benefits. In much the same way, machine learning technology without management and organizational change will be ineffective.”

Erik Brynjolfsson, Director of the MIT Center for Digital Business 


Leaders understand the importance and possibility of AI, but many are challenged to effectively implement AI initiatives within their own organizations. Various departments and regions run their own AI projects. Initially, this can be positive since a broad participation and commitment of the organization is a crucial
ingredient for the AI transformation. However, many – mostly large – enterprises report they have reached a point where it has become difficult to coordinate different initiatives and pilots, establish standards and processes and to avoid duplicating their efforts. Yet, the right organizational setup is essential for successfully applying AI. The initial arrangement is key for scaling AI applications from proof of concept (PoC) to actual, productive solutions.

In this whitepaper, we cover best practices for how to build the organization for scaling AI. Discover the elements needed for a comprehensive AI strategy, an outline for prototypical organizational setup and key learnings from mature AI scalers. Created by the appliedAI team as well as contributors from Allianz, Audi AG, BMW Group and Munich Re – this report draws on the experience of leading experts in the field of AI.



Building the organization for scaling AI

You find more details in our white paper “Applying AI: Building the organization for scaling AI”.