Last Thursday and Friday the appliedAI Initiative team followed the invitation for the Handelsblatt AI Conference that took place at Sofitel Hotel Munich. Many well-known companies and small to mid-sized enterprises from different branches met to share their AI activities and learn from each other.

Not only did we get the chance to speak to friends and new faces at our appliedAI UnternehmerTUM booth we also took notes of what moves the economy when it comes to AI transformation in Germany.
It became clear that German companies of all sizes see the relevancy of AI for their business and are highly motivated to start implementing it.

But still, many questions remain open for many companies e.g. “What are the first steps we can take?”, “What is needed for a true, long term AI transformation in my company, because we don’t have a proper strategy yet?”, “How to overcome internal barriers and make use of our data?”

One highlight was the startup pitch session with 10 AI startups. Together with our partner NVIDIA, we provided prizes, hardware (NVIDIA Titan GPUs) and computational resources (on DGX-Systems in the appliedAI Lab) for training modern machine learning algorithms.

Picture taken by Thorsten Jochim

Picture taken by Thorsten Jochim

One of the winners is the startup that tackles a fundamental problem in AI: the annotation and preparation of data sets.

Andreas Liebl, our CEO was part of the jury – his overall impression after the event: “The German AI startup landscape is very promising. There is no reason to hide ourselves from the world. The industry is hungry for innovation, startups expedite AI and AI experts assure quality. All we have to do is bring them together, establish a network. This is our goal at appliedAI”

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