[appliedAI Academy]

Learn how to prepare and transform yourself and your company for the age of AI. appliedAI offers trainings and workshops for all roles in a company and helps you answer questions no one seems to have an answer to.

What is the appliedai “Academy”  program?

Developing needed, new roles for the age of AI

The appliedAI Initiative offers a unique training program for decision makers, project managers and developers to prepare for the age of AI. Our experts explain what is really going on and what the limitations are. The appliedAI Academy program offers courses to develop three new roles with you in your company. We train you and your peers with classical trainings, workshops, hackathons and joint projects. Send your best and we will make sure that you are set towards adopting AI.

For managers and team leads

Become an AI Strategist.

Develop your strategic view on AI and build up your competitive edge. As a manager you need to understand where the world and your respective market is moving. You need to understand the technology that might replace your companies business model and you need to be able to look at an opportunity from a long term perspective.

appliedAI offers a special management track that helps managers to move their company towards AI-first.

For project managers

Become an AI Project Lead.

Every organization needs someone whose key role is to communicate and coordinate. As an AI project lead you are in a unique role that understands the specific challenges during the development and implementation or integration of AI solutions in a company. You as an ambassador and leader for AI and cares for the operative execution of an AI project together with a team.

appliedAI offers a special track that develops you into a AI Project Lead.


For engineers and developers

Become an AI Engineer.

Building AI and Data-Driven solutions is a hard act. Even as a Data-Scientist and Software Engineer you still need to learn about new software and hardware architectures, the complexity of data acquisition and where to optimize algorithms and architectures. As an AI Engineer you know how to build AI solution based on state-of-the art technology.

appliedAI offers a special track for growing into the role of an AI Engineer.


Trainings and workshops for the age of AI

Get ready for the dawn of AI

Where do you start when it comes to AI application, adoption and transformation? What is necessary knowledge? For whom? And in what situation? We have built a unique and comprehensive curriculum to lift you and your company into the age of AI. appliedAI’s courses have been tested and used numerous times by now and include knowledge and frameworks that mirrors the knowledge of the best in the field. We don’t think about AI as a tech-topic only. We think of it holistically.

WS1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Training)
Duration: 1 day
Language Terminology Big-Picture AI today Opportunities Challenges
WS2: AI Strategy (Training)
Duration: 1 day
AI-Strategy Framework Capabilities Prioritization Development
WS S1: Strategy definition (Workshop)
Duration: 1-x day
Summary AI-Strategy (WS2) Defining strategy and use cases Defining implementation roadmap and operations
WS S2: Use Case Roadmap (Workshop)
WS P1: AI Projects (Training)     
Duration: 1 day
Methodology Capability Risk, Cost, Benefit Management
WS P2: AI Project Sprint (Hackathon)
Duration: 5 days
Team-Setup Development Cycle Proof of Concept and Demo
WS E1: Ramp up (Training)     
Duration: 2 days
Machine Learning 101 Data and its quality Fundamentals of ML Software Hardware Choices Hands-on development
WS E2: Deep-Dive (Training)
Duration: 1-5 days
Focus in Deep Learning
Focus on IoT
Focus on Autonomous Systems
Focus on data cleaning
AI Strategist
AI Project Lead
AI Engineer

Training: Introduction into "Artificial Intelligence"

One to two days of intensive introduction into the domain. The target of this workshop is to have a common understanding of what AI is about, know the most important terms and be able to spot AI in the real world. The Introductory workshop is targeted towards all stakeholders and roles and builds a common base of understanding. The course is not necessarily taught only to strategists.

AN EXCERPT FROM “Introduction into artificial intelligence”

These days a lot of people claim to know their way around AI. To make sure you know what we are teaching and talking about you can dive into a free excerpt from our workshops. As an example here you find an excerpt of the “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence”

Training: Introduction into "Artificial Intelligence Strategy"

This course helps you get a strategic understanding of AI, its real-world applications as well as its complexity and potential pathways. The framework we introduce can be used to steer large companies in the Age of AI. Targeting the Management level, building on the intro Workshop (recommended). The target of this workshop is to understand the strategic implications of AI projects, how to look at them and have a rough understanding of all relevant aspects of an AI strategy.

An excerpt from “introduction into artificial intelligence strategy”

Get a closer look on how we approach AI from a strategic perspective with our partners. We compiled a few informative slides that can already bring some structure into the chaos when thinking about a longterm strategy.

Workshop: Definition of "Artificial Intelligence Strategy"

Building on the AI strategy workshop (recommended) we dive deep into the definition of your own AI-strategy. We develop your vision as well as your roadmap to that vision, create a first overview of company-specific use cases, prioritize it, and create an implementation strategy with your specific requirements. Additionally, we will define a first operational setup. This building block is not only educational but a starting point to transform the company. This workshop targets the upper Management of the company that is able to act at least on a BU level. Your goal should be to build up your own internal AI capabilities and enable your company as a whole to embrace AI technologies.

Workshop: Definition of "Use Case Roadmap"

Building on the knowledge of the intro and strategy workshop, use cases are being developed systematically by following one or more of the three approaches: use case families, capabilities, data assets. Use cases are being described, assessed, and prioritized. The level of detail depends on the duration of this effort. Optionally, we develop user stories and test them with potential internal and external customers. Potential partners will be identified. These workshop targets project managers up to upper Management of the company that wants to implement holistic management of their AI project pipeline.

Training: Introduction into "Artificial Intelligence Project Management"

This course established the role of an AI Project Lead and guides you towards the complexities of Use Case implementation on an operational level. From Agile methodologies to Data-Strategy we take a broad view at Project Management. Targeting the team lead level, building on the intro Workshop (recommended). The target of this workshop is to understand the technical and operational complexity of AI projects, how to look at them and have a rough understanding of all relevant aspects to run an AI project, from using existing APIs to build up a new dataset on your own.

Hackathon: Execution of "Artificial Intelligence Sprint"

In this course, you will build with your team a first prototype, guided by our methodology and technical trainers. You will start with a selected use case and develop it along the axes of viability, feasibility, and desirability in an intensive 5-day sprint at the entrepreneurship center. We will hand out all necessary technology (from a robotic arm to a super-computer cluster) and guide you. This, however, will leave you with a real, first prototype. This interdisciplinary project is target towards all domain experts, managers and technical talents. All of those roles have to be present and part of a Team to make this project work. It is a lot of commitment that has always played out.

Training: Introduction into "Artificial Intelligence Technology"

Introduction into Artificial Intelligence Technology is a course that teaches you about the basics of AI Engineering. This ramp-up course brings you up to speed to engage with AI and ML topics and is the first step for someone diving into AI development. The course also points you to the most recent and most relevant material worldwide and from our partners.

Training: Deep Dive into "Artificial Intelligence Technology"

We provide your technical talents with a large set of options to dive deeper into the domain of AI. We support you with the knowledge from some of the best and brightest on this planet.These courses are meant for employees with a technical background. The profile is highly dependent on the course / class. Topics are chosen on demand and include:

  • Cisco academy – Networking and High-Throughput setups.
  • Google – Google Cloud introduction, developer experts input and much more.
  • IBM – High Performance computing on IBM Deep Learning systems (AC922).
  • NVIDIA  – Deep Learning for Computer Vision, Autonomous systems. Multi-GPU computing and much more.
  • Pure Storage – High-performance and high-throughput storage solutions.