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The last time we met Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, he said that we live in an era in which we automate the automation of everything. AI will be part of every industry as an enabler. And not only that; it will be the driver of innovation and productivity in every aspect of our lives. Our mission, then, is to support you in the transition to the AI age.

Our services

What we offer

We provide services and expertise in three areas: Education & Workshops, Proof of Concept & Joint Development as well as Knowledge Exchange between you, us and all other partners. We support with an equipped AI lab with cutting edge technology, the development of prototypes, contacts to the best AI start-ups and experts, as well as regular meet-ups on various AI related topics. While there is a limited set of offerings as we spin this up, the breadth and depth will drastically extend over time, with many services free for everyone.

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Get ready for the dawn of AI

The appliedAI Initiative offers a unique training program for decision makers, project managers and developers to prepare for the age of AI. Our experts explain what is really going on and what the limitations are. We develop three new roles with you in your company. Send your best and we will make sure that you are set towards adopting AI:

AI strategist

Develop your strategic view on AI and build up your competitive edge. Managers need to understand where the world and their respective market is moving. They need to understand the technology that might replace their business model and they need to be able to view an opportunity from a long term perspective. appliedAI has a special management track that helps managers to move their company towards AI-first.

AI project lead

Every organization needs someone whose key role is to communicate and see the big picture. Software engineers have known the role of a “software architect” for quite some time. AI-engineers and managers need a similar intermediary role between management and engineers. The AI project lead is a unique role that acts as an ambassador and leader for AI in its company, understanding the specific challenges during the development of AI solutions in a company.

AI engineer

We help even the most experienced data-scientists, ML-experts and engineers to grow. Be it with our own approach, the “TransferLab“, specific courses from our tech-partners such as the Deep Learning Institute or the well known “Think.Make.Start” approach from UnternehmerTUM. Grow engineers, data-scientists and developers towards AI software engineers.


Walk the talk! appliedAI does not stop at teaching but helps you build your first proof of concept. Be it a real world project such as a drone or a ship or a pure data centric project, appliedAI can help. We have worked with some of the best in the field and will help and build your proof of concept with you. 

We employ the “AI Lab” for that reason. The “AI Lab” is a unique set of machines for deep learning that is all well-optimized for specific challenges our partners face. We have designed and built a set of “reference architectures” with our partners Cisco, NVIDIA and PureStorage at appliedAI’s AI-Lab that you can use with us. These designs are unique and will help you tackle AI problems quickly. With our solution partners, you can directly copy and paste the environment into production.

appliedAI AI-Lab
What to expect:
  • State-of-the-art supercomputing laboratory with high-performance GPUs and infrastructure, e.g. Nvidia DGXs, Cisco UCS, PureStorage FlashBlade, Google Beta Cloud
  • Large hardware library with complementary technologies e.g., AR/VR, wearables, robots, sensors
  • Highly creative environment – the place for prototyping projects
  • Access to interesting workshops and consulting services
  • Supervision by leading AI experts
From whom?
  • Partners of appliedAI
  • Companies that are interested in strong PoC cases
  • Startups that see themselves as a top 10% startup in germany
  • Individuals with incredible skills and a clear thought how to use this
  • Becoming a partner of appliedAI
    → Prioritized access to lab and events
  • Project access for companies
    → Contract based on project description
  • Project access for start-ups & individuals
    → Registration and on-demand booking via web interface


Exchanging on a neutral ground is the most important and most valuable asset a company can have in times where even the market leaders do not exactly know where things are going. appliedAI understands this challenge and facilitates the exchange on a national level between its partners to build up joint projects and competencies.

To stay on top of AI development we organize and facilitate meetups, conferences, workshops, and AI hacking events. All focussing on knowledge exchange, the application of latest AI technology and on challenges which contribute to a better society. Moreover, we regularly discuss newly published papers and research findings

Additional services from appliedAI Exc
Usecase development
You want to check the RoI of certain cases? How well a case fits into the corporate strategy, how big the value is or how to set up a team? We can help. We check with you besides your and our technical capabilities if the case can be developed and what it needs for the first steps.
AI-strategy check
You want to know how well equipped you and your company are for the coming AI challenges? After reviewing the most important prerequisites for a successful implementation of AI in your company, we help you to uncover strengths and weaknesses. In the next step you will work with our experts to develop possible approaches to remedy the weaknesses found and develop your strengths. The results will then be used to define a long term AI strategy for your company, so that your company can benefit best from developments in the area of AI.
Startup scouting & matching
After we got an email reply from one of the most renowned AI startups worldwide that their expertise is not as good as the public perception of it, we became careful. AI is in many cases a way to increase the valuation for a startup. We selected the best startups to work with based on our AI expertise as well as UnternehmerTUMs extensive knowledge about startup teams. We happily share our knowledge with you. Don’t get fooled by marketing!

How to reach us.

If you are interested in custom offerings, feel free to contact Andreas Liebl.