The first appliedAI Ecosystem Meetup brought together the local AI community on September 21 in Garching. Networking sessions and fruitful one-one-ones between startups and corporate partners were a welcomed opportunity to start the dialogue and talk about potential future collaborations. Prof. Daniel Cremers, a world leading computer vision expert from TU Munich gave the keynote „3D Vision for Autonomous Systems“ in which he provided insights into his research and referred to his startup Artisense, an outstanding example of research brought into application. A central statement of him was his calling that students must recognize the value of their work not only in a research context but also regarding practical implications in industry and business. Thorsten Flentje from Google X (the moonshot factory) made the point that we are neither short in talents, money or spirit nor in fantastic companies willing to adopt AI, what is really blocking us are strict policy frameworks in Germany.   It was a great get-together and this was only the beginning!   Click through the photo gallery: