We are excited to announce two new partners to our unique ecosystem! From now on, DELL and Equinix are supporting the appliedAI Initiative within strategic Technology Partnerships:
Equinix is one of the leading Datacenter- and Interconnect providers worldwide. The appliedAI Initiative has been searching for a Partner that is able to fulfill the requirements of high-speed and high-bandwidth interconnection between modern AI systems of its partners and own infrastructure. Equinix is one of the few companies able to handle the growing demands of modern AI systems, including their ever-growing energy- and regulatory demand. The appliedAI Initiative is happy to join companies such as Google and Netflix on Equinix’s grounds since April 2019 and will use the partnership to help partners build up own infrastructure – accelerating their adoption of AI-technology.
The appliedAI Lab will be running from Equinix Datacenters, providing the Initiatives partners with access to a physically secured cluster, high-speed and high-bandwidth interconnections into the cloud (namely GCP) and state-of-the-art AI Reference Systems from its partners Cisco, Dell, Google, IBM, Intel, NVIDIA, PureStorage, and Arista.


“We are happy that the leading data-center provider for high-intensity workloads is joining the appliedAI Initiative. Equinix’s unprecedented global network of data-centers and their interconnect allows us and our partners to scale nearly any workload or AI reference design, be it via the cloud or on-prem installs. Wherever an undersea fiber cable pops out of the ocean – Equinix is there to help us.”
Alexander Waldmann, Operative & Technical Director, appliedAI Initiative

Also appliedAI and Dell entered into a strategic Technology Partnership in June. Dell is one of the leading manufacturers of workload-specific High-Performance-Computing (HPC) and Machine-Learning (ML) computing systems. The appliedAI Initiative and its partner’s value leaders in their respective fields to learn from them and integrate them into its overall mission, “accelerating the adoption of AI technology”. Dell has been at the very forefront with its HPC-Machine Learning systems and continues to surprise the industry with AI applications across the stack. With its announcement of a new generation of HPC-ML Systems for demanding workloads at the ISC conference we are extremely happy to welcome Dell as a new partner that pushes the boundaries in modern ML-Compute and Infrastructure.
The appliedAI Initiative and Dell entered into a strategic partnership to drive their joint mission forward on many fronts. A new HPC-ML Cluster will be set up in the appliedAI Lab and be operated by Dell and the ML-Engineers at appliedAI to benefit the partners of the Initiative. Additionally, both parties will engage in numerous activities in the Initiative and additionally drive startup- and scientific projects.


It is amazing to see one of the leading manufacturers and integrators join the Initiative. Especially with its new world-class HPC-ML Systems announced during ISC conference we feel that it is the perfect time to join forces in this strategic partnership to help our partners and the German AI ecosystem. We are certain all partners of appliedAI will benefit from the opportunities this new partnership brings into the Initiative. We are especially happy that Dell is eager to support and grow startups in the space of AI in all of Germany.”
Alexander Waldmann, Operative & Technical Director, appliedAI Initiative