We are building a unique, unusual and skillful team to change the face of applied AI. We are looking for people who think differently and question the established way

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Enable the next generation of AI technology & businesses!

We are a team of AI experts, creators, strategists, and inspiring individuals each burning for the cause. Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of AI in new business and ultimately become a world-leading AI center.

We do this collaboratively as a team with each member being a valued contributor. Everyone has the freedom to pursue own ideas, dreams and projects within the boundaries of the initiative.

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Open positions

Do you want to join our team in Munich? We are currently looking for rockstar talent in the following fields. If your targeted position is not listed, send us your speculative application at info@appliedai.de.

Unsolicited application - just drop us an email!
You are keen on advancing a whole country towards the AI-age? We are sprinters running a marathon, looking for people to join our team. We have built a team with extremely high standards and amazing people – we know there are a lot more amazing people out there. If you bring something unusual and amazing to the table we invite you for a coffee and a beer. Drop us an email.

PhD and strong experience is a plus – not necessary though.

Mail to: waldmann@unternehmertum.de

Content, Outreach & Operations

We want a site design that pushes dynamic data visualization in our stories to make the complex understandable.

Working Student: Marketing Junior, Focus: Marketing an SEA or SEO

Your responsibilities

We are looking for an exceptional working student in marketing. You have worked with some of the state-of-the-art tools for SEO or SEA such as Hubspot, IntelliAd or Google Adwords and Google Analytics. You understand how A/B testing works and how to optimize content. You have a strong interest in targeting mechanisms and measurable goals. You understand that AI is already at the heart of your industry and are interested in the constant development in the AI domain. You have already worked with or at a company in that context, for example, to build campaigns, newsletters or target customers and users. In the best case, you have already worked with the professional tools of social networks and targeting via Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Excel / Google Docs are central tools to analyze your data-points. Having an understanding of growth hacking and technical details such as cookie-switch is a strong plus but not expected.

Full description

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Working Student: Visualization Developer, Focus: Data-Visualization

Your responsibilities

Work on the visualization of AI projects together with the customer and implement showcases and prototypes with the appliedAI and customer team. Integrate data from AI models and communication APIs from external sources at the backend. Build an interactive, real-time web GUI for visualization and testing purpose within the scope of a rapid prototyping customer project including real-world testing

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AI Engineering & AI Projects

We are putting together a world-class AI development team that will enable the next generation of AI businesses.

Fulltime: AI Engineer, Focus: Software Engineering and Machine Learning Enginee

Your responsibilities

We are looking for an exceptional and experienced Software Engineer. You have worked in the domain of Software Engineering as part of a larger team or you have even lead a team / teams of research scientists / engineers. You have a strong opinion and understanding of SCRUM, Kanban or similar agile methodologies. You breathe Software-Patterns und understand the full cycle of software engineering from requirement elicitation and project estimation to testing and maintenance. You have worked with and developed your skills towards Machine Learning based on systems such as Tensorflow or similar frameworks and speak Python fluently. You will argue with us over vertical and horizontal prototypes and know when to explore which solution stack. Kubernetes is not new to you and you want to have or want to dive deep into Deep Learning. You can show us past projects or your Github profile as a reference.

Full description

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Fulltime: Senior AI Researcher, Focus: Advanced Analytics

Your responsibilities

We are looking for an exceptional and experienced Machine Learning expert or data scientist. You have worked in one of the following domains: deep learning, optimization problems, computational discovery, data mining or machine learning approaches towards data-driven scenarios. This includes classical statistical approaches (e.g., for anomaly detection, sequence mining etc.) as well as state-of-the-art approaches, such as neural nets and reinforcement learning for optimization. You have worked with and developed your skills towards Machine Learning based on systems such as Tensorflow or similar frameworks and speak Python fluently. You will argue with us over vertical and horizontal prototypes and know when to explore which solution stack. Kubernetes is not new to you and you want to have or want to dive deep into Deep Learning. You can show us past projects or your Github profile as a reference. You will interact with and support the AI Startup Ecosystem, teach students / employees your perspectives on ML, and potentially write reports on the state of AI.


Please apply on the same page as our AI-Engineering role

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Working Student: AI Junior Engineer, Focus: Software Engineering or Machine Learning or Robotics

Your responsibilities

We are looking for students with exceptional academic records in one or many of the following areas: machine learning, robotics, computer science, data science. You have had a variety of courses in the domain of computer science and machine learning and know the tripwires during the development of prototypes. You have already had your experience with ML-based projects. You read up on the latest developments (hacker-news, Google Research Github etc,). You are confident and can push yourself or a team when things are hard. You go the extra mile when the problems are interesting and can cling to difficult problems. You have extensive programming experience with Python and Tensorflow (or similar) and understand the mechanics of Software Engineering.

Full description

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AI Strategy & Consulting

Be the assistant and trusted partner of the heads of the initiative and work on Customer Management topics.

Fulltime: AI Strategist, Focus: Strategy Consulting and Trainings

Your responsibilities

We are looking for an exceptional person with a strong understanding of the organizational and strategic issues that are relevant for businesses in the age of AI. You may have worked as a consultant and / or in a technical role before where you gained a profound understanding of topics such as data (strategy), the application of Machine Learning (Deep Learning) in a business context, smart automation and /or AI use cases. You read relevant sources (e.g. CB Insights, Inside.com, McKinsey, Google Research or others) and know about the current trends. You are experienced in communicating at the top management level and confident in speaking in front of audiences. In the best case, you have experience in teaching, giving workshops or lecturing. You are able to wrap your head around complex problems, think outside the box and push topics independently. As a team player, you know when to lead and when to run with your mates.

Full description

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Working Student: AI Junior Strategist, Focus: Technology management and consulting

Your responsibilities

We are looking for exceptional technology management working students. You have the drive to build and work on training programs and formats that will change how AI is adopted in companies in all of Germany. As a student, you have already experienced companies from the inside and worked on communicating new principles and ideas. You are driven to establish AI as a new category of corporate technology and read up or work on projects in that domain. You have a strong understanding of the google docs / MS Office tool suite and are effective in creating and communicating results. You are interested in the startup world, new technologies and how companies will shift and develop new data-driven business models.

Full description

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Our office

Visit us

Stop by at our office in Garching, near Munich. We not only have the coolest tech gadgets out there, but also a fully equipped maker-space with 1.500 m² in house to build the latest technologies from scratch!

Reasons to join us

Perks & benefits

We have ambitious goals and we are working hard to achieve them. We take care of everything so that you can focus on our common mission.

"Once in a lifetime" Tech

We run appliedAI on technology that hasn’t even hit the market from our technology partners. Our team constantly updates our tech-pool based on what we think is relevant to the world.

Family & career

Access to child day care places provided by the Technical University of Munich, part-time and parent working hours models, a child care allowance.


Flexitime options and opportunities to work from home.

Team events & Partners

We are doing team events on a regular basis and are always up for trying new activities together. This means thinking up unusual events with our partners as well. Your network will grow strongly.


The German healt care system is one of the best in the world and Munich has a high density of clinics.

Attractive work environment

Corporate university sports programme, sun terrace, the ‘Herr Lichtenberg’ canteen, fruit basket and pilates courses.

Freedom to create

Writing papers, visiting conferences, building new frameworks, running hackathons or inviting top-notch speakers – all of it is highly encouraged.

Continuing education

Training courses, library, networking and the opportunity to work on projects outside your specific area of expertise.


Free membership of and courses at the MakerSpace – building something new is not only an option but what we do regularly.


We hire only the best and brightest. Our team consists of physicists, mathematicians, electrical engineers, computer scientists, event-managers, communications experts and many more. Joining means entering a family.


Routine cross-team networking, team events. Flat hierarchies.


Induction day and a welcome package for every employee. We will set up your work-space together the way you think makes most sense.