On May 22nd 2018, the first Start-up Meet-up of the appliedAI Initiative was held at UnternehmerTUM in Garching near Munich with a wide range of partners from industry and science as well as inspiring start-ups from all over Germany. Highlight of the event were five pitches of outstanding AI start-ups, which gave a bright insight into their business ideas using artificial intelligence. These pitches were followed by vibrant networking and discussion sessions as well as great food.

Enclosed can be found a short wrap up of the innovative start-ups which pitched during the first start-up meet-up of appliedAI.

I2x GmbH sets its focus on analyzing calls using a combination of machine learning algorithms and big data. I2x offers conversation trainings and analytics for company teams such as sales & support teams as well as for individuals  to optimize customer interaction with AI. The software gives feedback after every call so that the the communication skills of the users can be improved to enhance the customer’s experience. By using i2x, customers benefit from positive conversations with agents they are speaking with.

Bleenco GmbH offers a superior proprietary technology and profound experience, which helps companies to solve a great variety of critical use cases. Bleenco focuses on preventing accidents by using their proprietary products for detecting hazardous human behavior and improving alertness in the wild. Vehicles equipped with their intelligent software are able to make intelligent decisions on their own and by that prevent crashes. Bleenco offers ‘Bleenco CARJS’, which is a holistic toolkit for building cross-platform IoT apps as well as ‘Bleenco PITTS’, which is a framework for real-time predictive analysis on IoT devices.

Renumics GmbH is a startup which focuses on helping engineers to create AI-powered tools and services. Renumics automates Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) processes which streamlines simulation-driven product development and unlocks the potential of CAE for medium sized enterprises. Their machine learning platform along with an open source middleware helps numerical analysts to automate their simulations and to collaborate efficiently with design teams.

Brighter AI Technologies GmbH has set itself the mission to redefine the limits of cameras by offering visual reconstruction by reconstructing image data based on deep learning. enhancing cameras: The software of Brighter AI provides solutions to remove visual disturbance from visual data by making the view clearer and increasing the capabilities to act with more precision. Furthermore Brighter AI offers live and instant frontal face reconstruction which supports security professionals to best identify suspects. On the other hand the software protects privacy GDPR and helps to anonymize visual data while keeping the content 100% analyzable for computer vision and AI application.

MoBerries GmbH  is a network of leading rapid-growth companies sharing their to-be-urgently-placed positions. It offers tools to navigate the bounty of choice that seems to characterize the labor market of the recruitment process on both the supply and demand side. MoBerries improves the recruiting process by presenting HR managers only the most fitting pre-screened candidates for their positions and at the same time eliminating the need for candidates to apply. The tool of MoBerries uses NLP-based CV and real-time candidate profile analysis, relevance scoring based on experiences as well as Automated Bot (screening and competence analysis) in order to match companies and candidates.

We are looking forward to the next Meet-up with relevant AI start-ups. 

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