Today we visited PureStorages “Accelerate” conference and spoke with our partner to the press about the new AIRI System, Pures infrastructure reference design for AI. Andreas Liebl discussed in a panel the infrastructure implications of AI and elaborated on the use cases of flash-based storage solutions for AI development, in particular, the concept of “shared accelerated storage” while Alexander Waldmann talked with the famous iX magazine about the FlashBlade deployment at appliedAI. Central to appliedAIs decision to partner with Pure is the development process behind AI-Systems: Successful AI implementation projects require a number of small experiments, all kinds and amount of data and a developer experience that on the one hand abstracts hardware, on the other hand, utilizes the power of hardware-close implementation. Today, Pure announced the AIRI Mini reference design, a smaller version of the AIRI design that combines Pures FlashBlade with the NVIDIA DGX-1. appliedAI has already built a very similar design into for its partners and provides access to it by end of June. The design consists of Cisco switches, Pures FlashBlade, and NVIDIAs DGX-1 and targets experimental AI setups. We are happy to work with pure on those systems.