A detailed view and all figures and numbers can be found on  our new subpage about startups.

appliedAI releases a landscape that sheds light on the German AI startup scene and the country’s innovative power. The overview consists of 132 Startups in different clusters using Artificial Intelligence predominantly in their product or services, holding a total funding volume of 803m euros. The last three years (2015-2017) were remarkably strong in number of founded AI startups with 80 new ventures.

The map is structured following a clustering logic  that highlights the role AI can play in a company’s business. This could mean e.g. increasing productivity of existing tasks (Enterprise Functions), gaining more sophisticated data insights with AI (Enterprise Intelligence), providing tools for ML developers (AI Technology Stack) or building products in which heart is AI (Industries).

What are some of the interesting insights?

  • AI capital Berlin: Geographical differences exits with 68,1% of all German AI Startups aggregate in three big cities, Berlin 51 (38,6%), Munich 30 (22,7%) and Hamburg 9 (6,8%).
  • Germany’s strong branches: Many German AI startups are located in the branches Healthcare & Pharma (7,6%), Transport & Mobility (6,1%), Retail & Commerce (6,1%). Nevertheless more than half of the AI startups (59,1%) providing cross-industry solutions (cluster ’Enterprise Function’, ‘Enterprise Intelligence’, and ‘AI Technology Stack’ in the landscape), making AI technology usable as a tool for different fields. Of these startups, 16,7% explicitly state to support employees and make them more productive.  
  • Few startups rule funding: At the moment 10 AI startups control 698.4m euros (86.9%) of the total funding volume. Kreditech is in first place (53%), followed by Blue Yonder (8%), Ada (7%), Konux (4%), Celonis (3%), Magazino (3%), RiskMethods (3%), Seerene (2%), Leverton (2%), and Zeitgold (2%).

Dr. Andreas Liebl, leading the appliedAI Initiative and the project team says, „We will publish more around the landscape in the upcoming weeks. Having an idea about status quo of the German AI startup world in the first place is crucial. We want to make startups visible and guide companies with the clustering and the quality check by several contributors to potential partners. This fuels the network and overall the innovative power of our economy – which is our mission as appliedAI Initiative.“

The AI startup landscape has been made possible thanks to our contributors NVIDIA, High-Tech Gründerfonds, HV Holzbrinck Ventures, Digital+ Partners, UVC Partners and the whole appliedAI partner network.

More about the methodology, detailed insights and a directory of all startups can be found on our new subpage on the appliedAI Initiative website. Read more about the topic at Handelsblatt.

For further questions concerning the landscape please contact the project team.