We lift Germany to the AI age

By accelerating the adoption of AI


Ten new partners join the appliedAI Initiative

The appliedAI Initiative is growing, with ten new partners becoming part of the network. From now on, Arista, BMW Group, Festo, Helmholtz Zentrum, IBM, Odgers Berndtson, ProSiebenSat.1, Telekom, World Food Programme and ZF will support the...

appliedAI Initiative will host AI conference for small and medium enterprises

The appliedAI Initiative together with fortiss and the Chair of Cognitive Systems of the TU Munich will host the conference "KI für den Mittelstand" (AI for SMEs) in May 2019. In the Goldberg Studios in the center of Munich, small and medium-sized enterprises will...

First appliedAI Ecosystem Meetup: It was about connecting startups and corporates

The first appliedAI Ecosystem Meetup brought together the local AI community on September 21 in Garching. Networking sessions and fruitful one-one-ones between startups and corporate partners were a welcomed opportunity to start the dialogue and talk about potential...

Right place to push on the mission: Read how aviation startup Lilium trained its algorithms in the appliedAI Laboratory

appliedAI assists its partners and network with access to state-of-the-art tools for the application of artificial intelligence via its dedicated AI Laboratory. A few weeks ago, engineers from our friends at the aspiring aviation startup Lilium approached us to...

Talking about the power of alliances: appliedAI Initiative at DLD Europe Conference 2018 in Brussels

“We need a European solution and collaboration is at its base.” Dr. Andreas Liebl, Head of the appliedAI Initiative, participated in a panel discussion about alliances and AI at the DLD Europe Conference in Brussels yesterday.  He also talked...

The Interactive Library of Use Case Families 1.0 – An array of use case families for intelligent machines

Today, appliedAI announces its comprehensive overview of Artificial Intelligence use case families. This serves as a strategic guideline for capabilities you should either have in your company or at AI partner companies. During intensive discussions with industry- and...

All German AI startups at a glance – appliedAI Initiative publishes first startup landscape of that kind

A detailed view and all figures and numbers can be found on  our new subpage about startups. appliedAI releases a landscape that sheds light on the German AI startup scene and the country’s innovative power. The overview consists of 132 Startups in different clusters...

appliedAI Start-up Meet-up: vibrant start-up pitches with partners from industry and science

On May 22nd 2018, the first Start-up Meet-up of the appliedAI Initiative was held at UnternehmerTUM in Garching near Munich with a wide range of partners from industry and science as well as inspiring start-ups from all over Germany. Highlight of the event were five...

appliedAI discusses AI-Infrastructure at Pures “Accelerate” conference and adopts the AIRI Mini design for its partners

Today we visited PureStorages "Accelerate" conference and spoke with our partner to the press about the new AIRI System, Pures infrastructure reference design for AI. Andreas Liebl discussed in a panel the infrastructure implications of AI and elaborated...

Think.Make.Start appliedAI Edition – From idea to AI prototype in 14 days!

Often the first steps in AI are the hardest and too many good ideas will never become reality... though we are convinced that it doesn’t need to be that way! We created an intense AI hackathon for students and hackers to show that you can get from an idea...

Our Goal

appliedAI is for companies, startups, professionals and students.

UnternehmerTUM, one of the largest non-profit innovation and entrepreneurship centers in Europe, joins forces with leading public sector, industry and tech players in the appliedAI initiative. Combining corporate experience, entrepreneurship, latest research, and creative mindset – we accelerate the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in industry as well as society. To achieve this goal, we provide a broad spectrum of products and services, all focused on the understanding, development, and implementation of latest AI. We give our ecosystem access to cutting edge technology, cross-industry knowledge and best-practices.

Our activities

The appliedAI Initiative offers a unique training program for decision makers, project managers and developers to prepare for the age of AI. Our experts explain what is really going on and what the limitations are. We develop three new roles with you in your company. Send your best and we will make sure that you are set towards. adopting AI:

Walk the talk! appliedAI does not stop at teaching but helps you build your first proof of concept. Be it a real-world project such as a drone or a ship or a pure data-centric project, appliedAI can help. We have worked with some of the best in the field and will help and build. you PoC with you.

Exchanging on a neutral ground is the most important and most valuable asset a company can have in times where even the market-leaders do not exactly know where things are going. appliedAI understands this challenge and facilitates the exchange on a national level between its partners to build up joint projects. and competencies.

Our technological focus

Four areas stand out for their impact on both society and industry. To master these challenges and shape the post-AI world, we as an ecosystem need to be at the forefront of their understanding and implementation.

Advanced Analytics

Understanding what was measured is now, understanding what to measure is next

What are the hidden relations in a database? The latent topics in a discussion? The traces of a network of tax evasion? We draw from state of the art pattern recognition to identify useful features, from Bayesian optimization to maximize insight yield from expensive data or from network analysis to uncover complex relationships.

Next reality

Language translation is now, sensory translation is next

Programming starts from clean rules expressed as text. The next reality of AI is interfacing with fuzzy human perception, and beyond that, with thought. Identifying objects and actions allows AI to augment the world of the senses — mixtape reality or even generate entirely new virtual experiences. We project texts, sounds and images to abstract spaces that uncover conceptual similarities.

Next machines

Robots in the assembly line is now, autonomous systems in the wild is next.

Agents perceive the world through AI-powered cameras, microphones and network connections. They can also displace objects, mix liquids, move around, or “feel” the surroundings. With one of the largest MakerSpaces in Europe we teach the internet of things to give senses to the city and our robots to behave autonomously in it.

Next intelligence

Task-supporting machines is now, human-supporting machines is next.

Penetrating insights about people from large-scale behavior tracking, alternate realities that feel real, machines that behave on their own – these require a precise understanding of the societal implications. We are uniquely positioned as a non-profit with technical competence to sketch the AI we want.

Tech partners

support our ecosystem with latest technologies and expertise

Industry partners

besides bringing in their technologies and expertise, they work with us on their use cases and share their experiences and best practices within the community

Ecosystem partners

Academic partners